Book of Shadows - USED

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Condition: Fair. Wear and tear on the dust jacket. Discoloration on the front end sheet. Pages are straight and clean. 

When Phyllis Curott, a high-powered Manhattan lawyer, began exploring Witchcraft she discovered a spiritual movement that defied all stereotypes. Encountering neither Satanic rites nor eccentric spinsters, she came to embrace the reconstruction of Europe's indigenous spirituality; the religion of the Goddess. Book of Shadows chronicles Phyllis's introduction and initiation into Wicca, her ascension to the position of Wiccan High Priestess, and her efforts to reconcile her newfound spirituality with her struggles as a woman rising through the ranks of the corporate world. Along the way, she relates the history of Witchcraft and shares many traditional Wiccan practices. Engagingly written and rich with detailed rituals, spells, and techniques, this inspirational book traces a modern woman's spiritual journey into a realm of extraordinary experience and enlightenment. 

Book of Shadows is Phyllis Curott’s groundbreaking, international bestseller that opened the door of Witchcraft to the world

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