Vendor Invitation!

{WHO} Hello! I’m Lauren and WOO is my baby! I’m a jewelry designer by trade but this fall I’m opening a pop-up gift shop in the historic Kenton neighborhood of North Portland. I admire your work and would love to have it in the store. It is being filled with uplifting gifts for the home, heart and soul.

{WHAT} WOO is here to share beautiful, thoughtfully produced objects and experiences in a space that encourages spirituality, consciousness and creativity. We want crystals, candles, tarot cards, oracle decks, hard-to-kill house plants, prints and stationary, we're also carrying jewelry, books, journals, stained glass, macramé, smudge sticks, body products and a respectable selection of small home decor items. We favor beautiful, thoughtfully made items from near-by artists who work in small batches (but we can love art from anywhere)

{WHY} OUR term for WOO-WOO leans towards anything that aids in the practice of sending and receiving positive energy, love and those high vibrations that keep us in consciousness! We are also giving every customer the opportunity to round their purchase up to the nearest dollar for on of our non-profit partners.

{WHERE} Kenton is a fun, diverse neighborhood with a lot of cute shops and full of people who are loyal to the local economy. The shop is a bright, cheery space with just enough space for a carefully selected variety of really good things. YOUR things!!. 

{HOW} I am offering  a consignment split of 50/50. We may also charge a small sales fee per item depending on the retail price of the item . This small fee(no greater than 50 cents) helps us keep the lights on and is added to the price of your work and is paid by the customer upon purchase. You’ll receive an itemized list of your inventory once it’s been entered along with a report of your sales and split calculations with each payment. 

If you would like to be a part of WOO and you have the capacity to maintain inventory, I would be honored to help share your work with our community. 


**please send me a message that you're in, and COMPLETE THIS FORM ASAP**

The form is your intake's pretty important. Once processed, I'll send you a consignment agreement

Thank you for considering this partnership! Let me know if you have any questions at all and please feel free to pop by the shop!