Celebration Cauldrons

Celebration Cauldrons

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Celebrate a friend, a holiday or best of all, yourself! A sturdy, cast iron cauldron is filled to the brim.

  • House blend Moon Magic tea
  • Sustainable palo Santo
  • Selenite bundle tied with ribbon
  • White chime candle
  • Cast iron chime candle holder
  • Crystal set with carnelian, peach Botswana agate, honey calcite, aura rose quartz, green aventurine, tourmaline, sodalite, pyrite and a tiny, crystal quartz tower.
  • Mugwort smoke medicine bundle
  • Large, cast iron cauldron with lid that can be used for burning herbs and incense or holding a favorite collection of small objects 

 **Items come individually wrapped for safe shipping unless you pick up in-store**

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