Elements Anxiety & Tension Salve by Luna + Quartz

Elements Anxiety & Tension Salve by Luna + Quartz

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An herbal blend of elements Earth + Fire. Kava Kava, Damiana, Mugwort, and Sage set the base of this stress, anxiety, and tension relieving blend. Kava Kava and Damiana are known to be used in ceremonies to induce visions, enhance psychic abilities, provide amazing mood-elevating effects, and can improve nervous system function providing a calming effect when used.

How to use: Warm in palms and apply to upper back, neck, and shoulders when feelings of stress, anxiety, or tension arise.

Sit with a stone such as Lepidolite, Jet, Hematite, Amethyst, or Rose Quartz in a quiet space and say to yourself, “I am calm, peaceful, and a being of love and light, I am not my anxiety, I am not my fear. I am whole.”

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil infused Kava Kava, Damiana, Mugwort, Sage, and Cayenne pepper, Lavender Butter, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Essential oils of Lavender, Chamomile, Magnolia, Sweet Marjoram, Sage, Peppermint, and Magic.


“Handmade small batch crystal infused goods. Our mission is to create a space for all to come to, to heal, to offer knowledge, and to aid those that seek it.

It all began at a very young age studying astrology, learning tarot, learning about psychics, Reiki healing, crystals and the power each subject offered alone but more importantly, combined. This is when the fire was ignited and so were our abilities as an intuitive and empath. Luna + Quartz was started as a way to infuse our intuitive healing powers with plant and crystal allies. 

We strive to align body, spirit, and mind by harnessing the untapped energy of the moon, universe, and planetary alignments when making our products. Plant magic melds crystal infusion for maximum earth healing power. We source organic, sustainably grown, and ethically harvested plants and oils. We solar + crystal infuse our goods for 6 weeks before blending and incorporating a little intention and magic. In addition, all products are Reiki infused to further enhance the universal light that lies within yourself and our products. 

We hope we can help brighten the magic that already lays around all of us and help you recognize the light that is available to all and lies within. Remember, you are magic. “ - Jill