Fire Intention Oil

Fire Intention Oil

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Apply our blends of essential and perfume oils to set an intention for your day. The Elemental Blends capture the spirit and energy of alchemical elements. Wear them to symbolically enhance or counterbalance your energy/mood. The scent will be a reminder of the energy and attitude you desire to accomplish your goals. 

Each scent comes in a 10ml amber glass bottle with stainless steel roller applicator.
FIRE Notes: Rosewood/Cardamom/Orange
Enhances: action, passion, assertiveness, strength

As a balancer: activates the passive, stubborn qualities of Earth; evaporates the excessive emotion of Water
CAUTION: Blends are a mix of essential and fragrance oils. The main components are given above, but all blends have various other contributing scents not listed here. Some blends also contain nut oils. While the essential oils are diluted in a carrier oil, those with sensitive skin or allergies should test before wearing.

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