Organic Cornflowers

Organic Cornflowers

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Certified Organic. Certified Kosher

.25 oz.  Approx 1 cup.

Properties: Diuretic, tonic

Magic: Psychic awareness, abundance, creativity

Cornflowers have a host of folklore surrounding them. Its genus name, Centaurea, is derived from Chiron, a centaur of Greek mythology who was revered for his knowledge of botany, herbs, and medicine. Also, according to Greek legend, the cornflower was a favorite of an admirer of the goddess Flora and its species name, Cyanus, was named after him. In the past, cornflowers were once worn on the lapels of young men in love. It was said that if the flower wilted quickly, then the love was not reciprocated.

The cornflower is the national flower of Estonia and a symbol of numerous European political parties and educational institutions. Additionally, it made its way into the writings of famous authors as well as many notable paintings. Besides its symbolism for social change, cornflowers have persevered as a symbol of fertility and renewal dating back to ancient Egypt. 

Plant medicine is powerful and effective. Please check with your healthcare provider about contraindications if you plan on using herbs internally or externally; especially if you are trying to conceive, pregnant, nursing,  or using other herbs or medications.

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