The Transparent Tarot

The Transparent Tarot

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Discover the magic of tarot divination with The Transparent Tarot, now in its 2nd edition! This award-winning deck features a unique design with clear plastic cards that can be read in layers, offering a truly innovative approach to tarot reading.

Some key features of this deck and accompanying book include:

  • A new chapter on how to combine The Transparent Tarot with other decks, including both Tarot and Oracle decks, to unlock even deeper insights and intuition.
  • Quick-reference keyword charts for each card, providing fast definitions for those who want to start reading right away.
  • In-depth card meanings and associations for more advanced readers who want to explore the hidden depths of each card.
  • Original spreads and reading methods that have never been possible with traditional tarot decks.
  • A fun and insightful tool for divination, meditation, brainstorming, and magic that can be used by beginners and advanced readers alike.

Whether you're a collector, a tarot enthusiast, or simply someone looking for a new way to unlock your intuition, The Transparent Tarot is a must-have deck that offers a unique and exciting approach to tarot reading.

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