Touchstone Tarot (2009) by Kat Black || Collector Deck

Touchstone Tarot (2009) by Kat Black || Collector Deck

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Touchstone Tarot (2009) Collector Deck


Internationally renowned tarot designer Kat Black, whose Golden Tarot remains one of the most popular and critically acclaimed tarot decks on the market, has created this unique new deck. In Touchstone Tarot, Kat Black uses Baroque masterpieces as the basis for her sumptuous and sensual collaged portraits. Intuitive and easy to read, this deck is for readers at every level of experience, from beginner to expert. If you can read faces, you can read this deck. This deluxe set, with gold gilt edges and a sturdy hinged box, includes a straightforward companion book with card explanations and sample readings. 

78-card deck, plus two special cards. All with gold gilt edges and a rich wood texture border. 

200-page perfect-bound companion book with simple explanations of each card.

Elegant and sturdy-hinged box to store cards and book.