Wiccan Mysteries: Ancient Origins & Teachings by Raven Grimassi

Wiccan Mysteries: Ancient Origins & Teachings by Raven Grimassi

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Daring, informative, fascinatingThe Wiccan Mysteries clearly and honestly reveals the initiate-level teachings of the Old Religion. Most modern eclectic and solitary practitioners have never had access to this material before. The Wiccan Mysteries is a groundbreaking work of modern religious scholarship that explores the origins and development of the various Mystery Traditions that form the spiritual foundations of contemporary Wicca.

The Wiccan Mysteries is the first comprehensive guide to every aspect of the Wiccan religion. Find out the inner meanings of Wiccan rites, beliefs, and symbols. Discover the ancient roots of Wiccan beliefs and the religious concepts that empower Wicca as a dynamic system for spiritual development. Learn what Wicca is all about, and what it is that Witches really believe and practice.

Essentially a Celtic-oriented religion, Wicca also derives much of its wisdom and inner teachings from other cultures as well. The Wiccan Mysteries explores the ancient roots of modern Wiccan philosophy, magic, and religious practice. Powerful and beautiful, The Wiccan Mysteries is the result of many long years of research and personal experience. It will challenge your preconceptions, get you to reexamine your own perceptions, and definitely expand your understanding of the Wiccan religion.