Introduction to Astrology: THE HOUSES

Introduction to Astrology: THE HOUSES

In this course, we’re diving into the 12 Astrological Houses. These can be thought of as the areas of life where your natal chart plays out, such as your sense of self, relationship with family, work and health. You'll discuss:

  • Two popular methods of calculating Houses, Placidus and Whole Sign, and how each system might impact an understanding of your own birth chart.
  • The compass of a birth chart, rising signs, and how to use this information as guidance
  • Applying different house sytems to your chart, astrological transits from the Sun, Moon, and other planets, and debunking some House myths!

Bring copies of your chart (tutorial on where/how to get this included with regisgtration)  a notebook, your favorite beverage, and let’s get ready to talk about your personal seasons!

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  • Tamara Seiler

    I have to work at 11:45am Sunday but will stay on till 11:30am and then go watch replay:) and if I have questions hopefully I can connect/ask later:) looking forward to unpacking houses- they are so randomly categorized/labeled old school constructs it would be nice to have a different perspective:)

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