Wed 3-6, Fri 12-6

Rosalie’s purpose in reading for people is to help catalyze, facilitate, and empower them to meet their highest selves while illuminating a path to their soul’s purpose.

When she was 13, she met an oracle deck for the first time and was mesmerized. At 16, after getting the Universal Waite deck, she quickly learned that the cards aren’t here to give us the answers we want, but the guidance we need.

After more than twenty years of reading, Rosalie has developed a profound connection with tarot and oracle cards, tapping into deeper realms where she can receive and deliver information that helps people to live their most authentic lives.


Jesse Nelson

Wed 12-3, Thu 12-6, Sun 11-4

Jesse is a Tarot reader and Astrologer specializing in Western Astrology. With over ten years of study, he has refined his development of a conversational style of reading that supports the opportunity for open dialogue & discourse while consulting the cards and/or the stars.

Jesse first began delving into both Tarot and Astrology seriously while pursuing Interdisciplinary Environmental studies and Music/Performance at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA.

After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles in 2014 to pursue his passion for music. Upon deeper study and reflection, Jesse began working as a professional reader in early 2019.

Now in the midst of a return to the PNW, Jesse is excited to offer both Tarot & Astrology readings at WOO! Whether you want to explore love, career, or life in general- Jesse is open for readings and excited to converse with you!


LC Collins

Click "Meet with LC" to view her schedule.

LC Collins has been sharing Psychic Tarot wisdom for 25 years, supporting her clients to create vivid, fulfilling lives.

Her role is to support and comfort you, helping to access the energy needed to meet what life is presenting you right now. Her readings are interactive and your questions are welcome. Together you will have a conversation, asking the cards for guidance every step of the way.

As a woman of color who has seen a lot in this lifetime, and has been reading cards for clients for over twenty-five years, she believes that everything good is possible.

LC shares 1% with eco-human non-profit organizations.


brie james (virtual readings)

Tue & Thu 3-7, Sun 10-2 PST

Brie was born in Tucson Arizona surrounded by magick. Her mother used Tarot and Runes daily and her father taught her how to build altars and the importance of mindfulness and meditation.

For nearly 30 years Brie has held a close relationship with Tarot for herself, friends, and clients.

In 2022, Brie made the move from her long time home in Portland to Southern California where she resides with her growing family, designing by day and reading Tarot by night.

The day before your reading, Brie will send a link for a ZOOM Meeting which may be recorded if you wish.



Click "Meet with Jo" to view her schedule.

Jo Figueras is a Psychic Medium, Akashic Record Reader, and the co-host of the Esoterix Podcast.

Opening the Akashic Records, she provides clarity around the goals of your soul/higher-self, your life purpose, your natural intuitive abilities and any past life karmic debt that needs to be worked through.

Jo's readings provide direction and clarity through times of uncertainty, major life pivots, transitions & stuckness, guiding you through past lives, karmic lessons, important soul contracts and connection to your higher knowing, your past lives, your Spirit Guides & Soul Advisors.

Her process of connection is through the Akashic Records using Psychic Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Channeling both insight and energy. Some of her intuitive practices include Energy Work/Reiki, Numerology, Astrology, Human Design and Quantum Manifestation.