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Hi friends! I'm Lauren. Welcome to the shop!  WOO is a small, POC and female-owned Pacific Northwest gift shop nestled in the historic Kenton neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. I am a jewelry artist by trade and have had the honor of meeting and working with SO many talented people the last few years, I can't even count.

This shop is an opportunity for me to share their work along with items and experiences that touch people; gifts inspired by the magic of our natural & spiritual worlds and the things that make us feel good. We host workshops of all kinds and offer tarot readings on the weekends!

Along with an assortment of crystals, candles, prints, greeting cards, we also carry locally made jewelry, journals, stained glass, macrame, smoke medicines, herbs, altar supplies, body products and a respectable selection of small home decor items.

We are especially proud of our growing collection of INCLUSIVE and INDIE decks and our selection of occult and metaphysical books is growing rapidly. 

Through physical and immaterial goods, it is our mission to nurture connections, curiosity and bustling local economy.

It is a space devoted to self-care and community! We are hosting speakers and craft workshops, offering card readings and intuitive readings and we give each customer the opportunity to round up their purchase to the nearest dollar for our non-profit partner which changes every 6 months.

Thank you for shopping small and local!