R I T U A L Resale

We understand. You have exceptional taste, but limited space! Consider the carefully assembled set of ritual tools, the shelf of astrologically relevant altar objects, that chest of tarot and oracle decks and the filled-to-overflowing bookcase.

As you grow, and as your practices change, the connection to the objects and tools you love and worship change too. It's hard to let those things go, and it can be just as diffIcult to replace them.

R I T U A L Resale helps you part with special tools and objects you no longer resonate with, and to find unique, well-priced treasures that have been missing from your space or practice. Honor the earth by keeping gobs of shipping and packing material out of circulation, and honor your special objects by allowing us to find new, loving homes for them!

Consignment rate is 40% of retail back for cash, or 50% in store credit, with the exception of books which pay out at 30% of retail. We might also offer to buy your items outright for same-day cash.

Items must be clean, free from odor and pet hair and in good condition. Decks must be complete. 

We are currently accepting:

  • Divination Tools (Tarot, oracle, Lenormand, runes, scrying bowls & mirrors, fine pendulums)
  • Crystals (Towers, spheres, specimens, carved & rough pieces. No tumbles please, unless rare / unique and identifiable.)
  • Altar tools (Candlesticks, statues, altar cloths, offering bowls, small altar tables, bells, cauldrons, etc.)
  • Books (All ages: divination, astrology, herbalism, ritual & spiritual practice, inclusivity, biographies, nature, self-help, folktales)
  • Jewelry (Vintage & modern, fits the shop vibe, no costume jewelry)
  • Luxury loungewear (Gorgeous robes, nightgowns, kaftans, etc. Modern & vintage, all sizes, natural fabrics preferred. Laundered and in EXCELLENT condition, comfortable, flowing.)

For your benefit as both seller and seeker, we are PICKY about submissions. To participate in our consignment program, please read below.

**To have your items considered, complete this short form, have a few pictures ready to attach and we will get back to you!**