Journey Through the Tarot: I The Magician

Journey Through the Tarot: I The Magician

Everything You Need

by LC Collins

Meet the Magician. They have all four suits at their fingertips; pentacles, swords, wands, and cups. They possess the energies of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and all genders. They are a conduit for creative energy passing between the spiritual and physical. The Magician has EVERYTHING they need to move forward.

If this card has come up for you, consider that it might finally be time to put your creative energy to work.

Perhaps you've been nervous about starting a new project, executing a plan, entering into a new relationship. The Magician is a reminder to step away from thinking you need more of this or that before beginning. You've got this. And if something feels like it's missing, don't worry! It will show up for you at the right time.
Just start. Begin. Commence. Go! It's time.
If you've been feeling a pull to start a new project, this card might also signal a time to begin gathering the resources you need to do the big thing — but don't delay! This life project you've been contemplating is already happening on an energetic plane and is waiting for you to take action in the material world. If you find yourself overthinking, over-analyzing and over-planning, give yourself permission to stop. The time for thinking, or even feeling, has passed. Now is a time for doing. 
Get out of your head, and into your hands. Make your checklist and start checking things off. You know more than you think and you have studied enough to share your knowledge and expertise. Perhaps the student is ready to become the teacher.
The Magician is in charge, so don't be surprised if you are asked to step into leadership or start building your own house (literal or metaphorical). 
Be mindful not wear yourself out though. The Magician can also indicate that it is time to put a team together and begin delegating tasks to qualified and trusted people. Take caution, however, and give the important jobs to the people who actually have the skills to help carry out your plans, not just the people you enjoy spending time with. 
Stay focused. Every thing, every resource, every person you need is here to work for YOU. Have fun Magic Making!

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