Asking good questions.

Asking good questions.

At its core, Divination is a way of knowing. We ask a question, and an answer comes to us by means of whatever tools we use to practice. Cards (cartomancy), books (bibliomancy), dreams (oneiromancy), tea leaves (tasseology), and the list goes on. Across the globe, the practice of communicating with Spirit or deeper levels of the self through the use of objects and experience has been used to guide people for centuries.

As a querent, whether you're reading for yourself of having someone read for you, it's important to ask a good question if you want a good answer. When we say "good", we're not talking about negative or positive, we're referring to something that ilicits clarity and specificity. Also note that a good answer is not always the same as the answer we want to hear.  They key to a good answer is a good question!

Here are a few tips on how to ask the best question for a divinatory reading. We hope you find them to be useful!

  • Before submitting your question, center yourself and focus on what it is you truly want to know and why. If you aren't sure about what you're asking, or why you're asking, the answer you get might not make any sense. 
  • Include all relevant details. It's okay to be a little more specific than "should I quit my job?"
  • Exclude any identifying information. For everyone's protection, let's keep it annonymous.
  • Avoid Yes/ No questions. Card reading in particular is geared toward giving a different type of answer. Try "What can I expect if I stay/leave this job?" vs "Should I quit my job?" Try "What do I need to know about my relationship/situation with xyz right now?" vs "Is my partner cheating on me?

One more time (we're gonna say it again)! The key to a good answer is a good question.

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