Journey Through the Tarot: Introduction

Journey Through the Tarot: Introduction

Why Do We Trust the Tarot?

Welcome to an introductory series about The Tarot! This begins a card by card journey through the Major Arcana.

For centuries people have been sitting down with a collection of images, numbers, and symbols called the Tarot. For all those centuries, the Tarot has been delivering messages of clarity, support, empowerment, and vision to those who choose to trust its wisdom. But why do we trust the Tarot?  How does it work and how does it seem to know us so well?

What is it about these cards that we can we talk to them about our lives—and how do they talk back?

Every reader works with cards in their unique way, so I will share some of the ways the Tarot has taught me to use its language to help my clients. I’ve been reading Tarot for over 25 years and over that time I have studied using two only books, but —The Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien is my go-to, however most of my ability to read the cards has come directly from the cards themselves. They are a living, breathing and talking energy–and millions of people for ages have been listening to what they have to say. 
Tarot is one of life’s true mysteries. 
The cards speak to us by tapping into archetypal images, mythology, folklore, and our own lived history. They show us things that spark ideas, memories, reminders of who we are and who we want to be. Each card is full of iconography that can be applied to our lives. This gives each card a unique meaning in itself and in relation to the other cards around it in your reading.  
A deck has many layers. Each card has an iconic message specific to its place in the journey of a 78-Tarot Card narrative; each card representing a step along that path. In what we call the “Major Arcana” (the cards with names) “The Fool” card begins that journey, and along the way we experience changes in direction and energy represented by cards such as “Strength,” “The Tower,” “The Star” or “The Sun.”
In the “Minor Arcana” we get to know the suits of the Tarot: Pentacles, Swords, Wands, and Cups. Each have their own dominion, an area of life that they speak directly to. Cups, for example, carry the element of water and are frequently seen to represent emotions. Pentacles are associated with Earth and commonly speak to resourcing, like work, money, time and energy, etc. Likewise, aach number of the Minor Arcana (1-10) has a symbolic meaning. Aces are often seen as beginnings (or culminations), fives as pivots, tens as abundance and completion. All of this combines to give each card its distinct meaning. 
Whenever you pull a card, it is delivering a unique, real-time message directly to you with images, stories, and connections to the events of your life. The cards that need to speak to you are the ones you will see in your reading, and they share guidance meant only for your ears.
As professional reader, I use the Tarot as a psychic window—a way to let your guides speak directly to you. My work is to be the translator—telling you what I see and hear, and helping you to place it within your own journey. Readings are a dialogue between you and the cards. When working with a reader, they are a mediator. Before a reading, I will always ask,  “What’s going on in your life and how can I help?”. Your response helps me provide information that is direct and practical. When reading for yourself, allow the cards to ask you this same question and allow your reply guide the interpretations. 
If you are pulling cards for yourself, see if you can intuitively turn the guidance of your reading into actionable advice and intuitively consider how you might apply it to the query you began the reading with. 
I give a lot of psychic prescriptions in my readings—the cards are good at telling us how to unblock stuck energy and create momentum in our favor. So when you leave a reading with me, I'll offer a few concrete actions you can take that can provide comfort, move things forward, shift energy, and provide self-care. 
All of this is part of the language of psychic communication and tarot.
Like all languages, it takes time and practice to become what we might describe as fluent. With every card you pull, with every minute you spend in conversation with your deck, the greater the clarity you'll find in your ability to divine the meaning of your readings. 
We offer readings at WOO as a means to help facilitate a path to healing, and to further strengthen the connection between the timeless gift of tarot and our complicated, often difficult, contemporary lives. If these insights resonate with you, or you would like learn more about using tarot as a guide in your own life, invite you to come and sit for a reading.
The Tarot is an ancient tool. I am a modern reader—down to earth, honest, direct, and loving. I am a woman of color who has seen a lot in this lifetime, as a result, I believe that everything good is possible. We will laugh a lot during your readings. If you need to cry, we will cry. I accept you just as you are. I believe your vision for yourself is fully attainable. 
I look forward to reading for you. 

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